Bulletin 2 – Information


Organizer: Czech Orienteering Federation
Technical realization: TJ Sokol Kostelec nad Černými lesy, Orienteering Club
Event program:
  • Saturday 10th June 2017: MIDDLE – 5th round of Czech MTBO Cup 2017, Czech MTBO Championship 2017 and Czech Veteran Cup 2017
  • Sunday 11th June 2017: LONG – 6th round of Czech MTBO Cup 2017, Czech MTBO Championship 2017 and Czech Veteran Cup 2017
Event Centre: Zvánovice, Hotel Legner, GPS: 49.941640N, 14.790953E, here
  • Saturday (middle): 9:00 – 11:00 in the event centre
  • Sunday (long): 8:00 – 9:00 in the event centre
  • Saturday (middle): 00 = 13:00 – interval start
  • Sunday (long): 00 = 10:00 – interval start
  • Saturday (middle): 1:10 000, E=5m, update May 2017, size A4
  • Sunday (long): 1:15 000, E=5m, update May 2017, size A3

Map specification ISMTBOM2010, maps are not water-proof.

Terrain: Mostly deciduous forest – national natural reservation „Voděradské bučiny“ („Voděrady Beechwoods“), wavy to hilly terrain, paths and tracks of various possibility, altitude 400 – 527 m.
Classes: middle and long:

  • Czech Championship: W17, W20, W21E, M17, M20, M21E
  • Czech Veteran Cup: W40, W50, M40, M50, M60
  • Czech MTBO Cup: W12L, W14, W21A, W21B, M12L, M14, M21A, M21B, M21C, OPEN

The right to participate, estimated winner times and the lengths of courses according to MTBO Implementation Guidelines 2017.

Registration: Until 4th June 2017 for normal registration fee, until 7th June 2017 +50% extra fee, later only according to organizer‘s possibilities +100% extra fee. Registered MTBO competitors via central online system ORIS http://oris.orientacnisporty.cz/. Not-registered competitors via registration form http://www.icnet.biz/mcr2017/ or email prihlasky@mtbo-knc.cz.
Class: Middle Long
WM12L 40 CZK 40 CZK
WM14 60 CZK 60 CZK
WM17, WM20 110 CZK 110 CZK
WM21, WM40, WM50, WM60 150 CZK 170 CZK
OPEN 100 CZK 100 CZK
Rent the SI card 50 CZK 50 CZK

All payments can be transferred to the organizer’s bank account: 1021822219/6100, variable symbol 0610xxxx (xxxx is the team number according to Czech Orienteering Federation).

Foreign competitors can pay the fees in cash at the registration desk.

Entries will be paid by Czech Orienteering Federation for all competitors in championship’s classes (W17, W20, W21E, M17, M20, M21E) who are registered in MTBO section of Czech Orienteering Federation and are registered to this competition until 4th June 2017.

  • Accommodation in event centre (Hotel Legner) should be registered directly at www.lesnilazne.cz.
  • A meadow for tents will be available (ca. 600 m from the event centre). The capacity is limited, please reserve the place in advance via ORIS (not-registered competitors via http://www.icnet.biz/mcr2017/ or prihlasky@mtbo-knc.cz). The place for tents is just a meadow which will be equipped with toilets and a source of non-drinking water. The place will not be fenced or guarded! Payments together with the entries. Prices:
    • tent: 20 CZK
    • person in a tent: 100 CZK (children up to 12 years free of charge)
  • Caravans – place will be specified according to the number of registered caravans. Please reserve the place in advance via ORIS (not-registered competitors via http://www.icnet.biz/mcr2017/ or prihlasky@mtbo-knc.cz). Payments together with the entries. Prices:
    • caravan: 100 CZK
    • person in a caravan: 100 CZK (children up to 12 years free of charge)

Another accommodation options can be found on the event web.

Catering: A dinner for Saturday evening can be ordered via ORIS (not-registered competitors via http://www.icnet.biz/mcr2017/ or prihlasky@mtbo-knc.cz) – choice of 3 meals. Competitors accommodated in Hotel Legner have Sunday breakfast included.

There will be also a buffet in the event centre.

Punching: SportIdent. If you need to rent the SI card, state this request within the registration – rental fee 50 CZK, non-registered competitors will be asked for a deposit 1000 CZK.
  • competitors accommodated in Hotel Legner will park directly in the event centre
  • competitors accommodated in tents will park on the meadow for tents – ca. 600 m from the event centre
  • parking for caravans will be specified
  • other competitors will park in the village Černé Voděrady – ca. 800 m from the event centre

Parking fee 50 CZK. Please, follow the instructions of the organizers.

  • event centre – start (Saturday): max. 1 km
  • event centre – start (Sunday): max. 5 km
  • event centre – finish (both days): 0 km
Kindergarten: Kindergarten will be available in the event centre for children older than 1 year. Registration to the kindergarten could be made via ORIS (Additional services). Please, place your kids to the kindergarten only during your race.
Protests: Protests will be accepted in a written form by main referee with deposit 200 CZK. One hour after the scheduled time of closing the

finish at the latest (it does not include protest against the official results). The deposit will be given back in case of approval of the protest.

Technical check: Before each competition in starting corridor for classes OPEN, WM12L, WM14 and WM17. Minimum width of bike tires is 1,5″.
Notice: The competition follows the effective MTBO Rules, Competition Rules and MTBO Implementation Guidelines for 2017. Each competitor has to wear a properly fastened cycling helmet!

Competitors compete at their own risk.

Be careful to other visitors of the forest.

Sale on the stall is permitted only with the prior consent of the organizer.

Evening party: Will be organized!
Event functionaries: event director: Michal Švarcbach

main referee: Aleš Bitter

course settlers: Jarka Švarcbachová (middle), Jiří Hejna (long)

Addittional information: web: www.mtbo-knc.cz

email: info@mtbo-knc.cz

phone: +420 739 540 739 – Michal Švarcbach