Bulletin 3 – Instruction


Organizer: Czech Orienteering Federation
Technical realization: TJ Sokol Kostelec nad Černými lesy, Orienteering Club
Event program: ·          Saturday 10th June 2017: MIDDLE – 5th round of Czech MTBO Cup 2017, Czech MTBO Championship 2017 and Czech Veteran Cup 2017

·         Sunday 11th June 2017: LONG – 6th round of Czech MTBO Cup 2017, Czech MTBO Championship 2017 and Czech Veteran Cup 2017

Event Centre: Zvánovice, Hotel Legner, GPS: 49.941640N, 14.790953E, zde


Attention! The way through the village Černé Voděrady is closed due to the construction of the sewer system. The only possible way to the center is via village Třemblat and Zvanovice.

Presentation: ·          Saturday (middle): 9:00 – 12:00 in the event centre

·          Sunday (long): 8:00 – 9:00 in the event centre

The club are presented as a whole. Clubs with pre-paid deposits and no change requests will be presented in forward.

Parking: ·          competitors accommodated in Hotel Legner will park directly in the event centre;

·          others – meadow in the village Zvanovice (approx 600 m from the event centre). For racers staying in tents and without accommodation in hotel – a 50 CZK parking fee per two days.

Surrounding roads are not suitable for car parking. If you are not staying in the hotel, please park directly on the meadow and come from here (or come by bike) to the presentation. By parking, follow the instructions of the organizers.

Distances: ·        parking – event centre : 0 or 600 m

·        event centre – start (Saturday):  1 km along the road, 50 m elevation, marked by blue-and-white marking

·        event centre – start (Sunday):  1 km along the road, 60 m elevation, marked by blue-and-white marking

·        event centre – finish (both days): 0 km

Start: ·          Saturday (middle): 00 = 13:00 – interval start

·          Sunday (long): 00 = 10:00 – interval start

Starting lists will be released by Friday 9.6.2017

The M12L, W12L and OPEN categories start at any time, minimum distances between two competitors are 2 minutes.

Start Bibs:


Start bibs will be handed over during the presentation. At the race, the number have to be fixed on the bike so that it is visible from the front. The bibs of competitors who do not show up or start only on Saturday, please hand in to the presentation.

The bibs of other races will be collected at the Sunday race finish.

Categories M12L, W12L a OPEN have no bibs.

Maps: ·          Saturday (middle): Bučiny, 1:10 000, E=5m, update May 2017, size A4

·          Sunday (long): Bučiny, 1:15 000, E=5m, update May 2017, size A3

Mapped members of OOS TJ Sokol Kostelec nad Černými lesy. Map specification ISMTBOM2010, maps are not water-proof.

Maps will be collected in the finish to the plastic bags market whit the team club. Saturday maps will be distributed after the Sunday race.

Previous map: Lesní lázně, 2014, map for MTBO race Maudicup

Terrain: Mostly deciduous forest national nature reservation „Voděradské bučiny“ – leaves on the ground may have decreased visibility of tracks in some area.

Wavy to hilly terrain, paths and tracks of various possibility, altitude 400 – 527 m.

Tracks parameter: See below.

Winner times according to the MTBO rules guidelines for 2017.

Children’s track: For the smallest racers, the marching line (orange marked ribbon) M12L and W12L (similar to the OB) will be prepared. Accompanying parents is allowed – if the accompanying person is presented into the race in his own category, he/she must first complete his/her own race!

The children’s track is led at the same space as the other tracks. Please explain your children to ride at the roadside and especially at crossroads to pay attention to other competitors.

Punching system: SportIdent.

SI card rented at the presentation – 50 CZK rental fee (for ORIS registrered it is already credited to the starting fee). Non-registered competitors will be asked for a deposit 1000 CZK.

In the starting corridor, the competitor has a duty to CLEAR and CHECK chip. The M12L, W12L, and OPEN categories start by punching the starter unit. The race terminates by punching SI at the finish line unit. Chip reading will take place in the event centre. In case of a loss or damage of SI unit at control point, please punch manually into the map to R1, R2, R3 spaces and report it in the finish.

Closing time in the finish: ·         Saturday (middle): 18:00

·         Sunday (long): 16:30

Time limit: ·         Saturday (middle): 120 minites

·         Sunday (long): 240 minites

Results: Result updates will be available in the event centre. The final results will be posted on the race website.
Notice: Attention!

There was a strong storm last week in the area of the race. There have been many broken trees or branches. The organizers did their best to highlight all the damage into your maps, nevertheless, there might be other storm damage that are not highlighted in your maps or vice versa. We strongly recommend you to pay attention while racing, especially within the final part of the middle race/at the start of the long race.

Each competitor must wear a properly fastened cycling helmet. Competitors compete at their own risk.

A 3rd class class road passes through the race area which most of the categories will cross over or use for all two days. When crossing or getting into communication, pay extra attention and follow to traffic regulations!

The children’s tracks is led partly the same space as the other tracks. Please pay extra attention to competing children.

It is forbidden to cross areas that are lined in the map (red-white strips) or to use forbidden routes (red „viper“). Off-road driving is prohibited.

Be careful to other visitors of the forest.

Any sale service and marketing can be done only when approved by the competition director.

Kindergarten: Kindergarten will be available in the event centre for children older than 1 year. If you did not book a place in the kingergarten through ORIS, register the child at the presentation. Please, place your kids to the kindergarten only during your race.
Refreshments and catering: Water and flavored water will be available after reaching the finish.

The ordered dinner will be served at the hotel’s restaurant.

In the area of Legner Hotel Zvánovice there will be refreshment kiosks on Saturdays and Sundays, also hotel restaurant is available (roasted chicken, pasta and vegetable salads, rice noodles, pickled cheese, sausages, draft beer, lemonade and more).

For guests staying at the hotel, breakfast is included in the room rate.

Accommodations: Competitors accommodated in Hotel Legner please check-in at the hotel reception desk.

For tents and caravans is rented meadow in the village Zvánovice (about 600 m from the center). It is just a meadow that will be equipped with mobile toilets and a source of non-potable water. Space is not fenced and will not be guarded! Each tent or caravan will be marked with a payment card, competitors in the camp will be marked with red wristbands. The meadow is located on the periphery of the village, please keep the night’s peace.

Washing and toilets: Washing and toilet in the hotel for hotel guests only!

Toilets: Mobile toilets in the center and in the meadow for camping.

Washing: a trough with non-potable water on a camping field, lavory by the bike washing, a pond in Černé Voděrady (about 1 km from the center, 2 km from the camp).

Bike washing: At marked place ca 200 m away of the event centre. There will be lavory and brooms available, as a source of water will be provided fire brigade (Saturday 14: 00-18: 00, Sunday 11: 00-15: 00).
First aid: In the event centre (or call 155).
Bike depository: Bike depository will be provided in the event centre.

·          Receipt on Saturday 18:00 – 19.30.

·          Release on Sunday from 8.00 – 9.00.

Each bike will be labeled with a number. The same number will receive the owner. For your safety use your own lock as well.

Prize giving ceremony: ·          Saturday (middle): 20:00 in event centre.

·          Sunday (long): ca 15:00 in event centre.

The first three competitors in each category will receive valuable prizes.

Evening party: After the prize giving ceremony you can enjoy a concert of the rock band Bloody Donuts and then the recorded music for dancing and listening.
Rules: Competitors follow rules, competition rules and MTBO implementation guidelines.
Protests: Protests will be accepted in a written form by main referee with deposit 200 CZK. One hour after the scheduled time of closing the finish at the latest (it does not include protest against the official results). The deposit will be given back in case of approval of the protest.
Jury: Expected structure of the Jury:

·         Leoš Bogar

·         Petr Lukavec

·         Radovan Mach

Technical check: Before each competition in starting corridor for classes OPEN, WM12L, WM14 and WM17. Minimum width of bike tires is 1,5′′.
Competition officials: event director: Michal Švarcbach

main referee: Aleš Bitter

course planners: Jarka Švarcbachová (middle), Jiří Hejna (long)

Additional information: web: www.mtbo-knc.cz

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MCR2017.MTBO/

email: info@mtbo-knc.cz

tel.: 739 540 739 – Michal Švarcbach

Partners of the event: DECATHLON

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Lesní lázně – Legner Hotel Zvánovice

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Kolínský deník

Město Kostelec nad Černými lesy

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